Art by Björn

In addition to its simplicity, something that characterizes - it is his freestyle

He paints only when he feels like to do so, unlike several artists who feel the pressure of producing a large number of pieces in a short time.

Björn is at his pace and calmly, which is undoubtedly reflected and transmitted in each one of his works.

Richard Hoag

I have 3 sizes of Limited Edition prints. They are 20"/100, 10"/46 and 5"/250. The measure indicates the widest part of the image. The image being horizontal or vertical. The higher number is the size of the edition. But, I understand that there are occasions when you want another size. Therefore in 2014, I Introduced the ANY SIZE Limited Edition. First I had the edition to 95. But in 2016 I changed the edition to just 50. The images here have a size I have chosen especially for posting here. You want it bigger or smaller than any of the above-mentioned sizes, the price changes accordingly.. But also here is the standard size, the 20" - which I have worked with all over the USA

Prints of my art sold online are embossed with my registered trademark ®. That way you can rest assured that the print is from my studio and for as long as I live also signed by me personally.


Björn Sjögren

artist / store owner

I am Bjorn Sjogren, a Swedish American abstract impressionist/expressionist self-taught painter - now working from my studio in Mexico. I have been showing my art all over the USA for the past 20 years. 

Collectors in all 50 states now have one or more pieces of my art.