Art by Björn

In addition to its simplicity, something that characterizes - it is his freestyle

He paints only when he feels like to do so, unlike several artists who feel the pressure of producing a large number of pieces in a short time.

Björn is at his pace and calmly, which is undoubtedly reflected and transmitted in each one of his works.

Richard Hoag

The only thing I offer here for you to purchase if you want is a concrete hook. And here are also unique Souvenir Posters from Puerto Vallarta.
As it is stupidly hard to hang or place anything on the concrete walls. And there are a lot of such here in Mexico. I have the solution. You may read about the products at and if you want to buy - you can return here.

"I am a Swedish / American / Mexican abstract impressionist/expressionist painter. I live since 2018 in Queretaro, Mexico. Earlier I sold my Original Art as well as my Limited Edition prints at galleries in Sweden. In 2001 I moved to the USA and started showing my art in the Midwest. In 2011 I left for San Antonio, Texas. There, between San Antonio, Houston, and Austin I sold most likely more Limited Edition prints than ANY other, dead or alive artist EVER has done. I started to feel that I had saturated my market and started to look for a new market. Moving to Canada was no option. Cold as in the Midwest and Sweden. Moving back to Sweden was neither an option. I don't move backward. Mexico became my choice of destination, Nice weather, great people, and affordable."

If you are in Queretaro, you may contact me to see my prints and possibly still available originals.

If you are interested in buying my art, I recommend you visit one of these beautiful galleries.

Ailabool is a newly opened Mexican online marketplace owned/run by my landlord.
There you can find my Limited Edition prints Ailabool Marketplace

84% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals collect art according to a 2019 Deloitte survey.

It makes sense—contemporary art prices rose 13.6% per year over the last 25 years vs. 8.9 % returns for the S&P 500. And with the total art market expected to balloon from $1.7T to $2.6T by 2026,

YOU CAN INVEST IN AN ORIGINAL OR START TO DECORATE WITH MY LIMITED EDITION PRINTS Limited Edition prints usually retain or increase their value. A high-resolution signed and numbered Limited Edition print is worth a lot more than a generic, mass-produced art poster stuck to a posterboard

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Björn Sjögren

artist / store owner

I am Bjorn Sjogren, a Swedish American abstract impressionist/expressionist self-taught painter - now working from my studio in Mexico. I have been showing my art all over the USA for the past 20 years. 

Collectors in all 50 states now have one or more pieces of my art.