Art by Björn

In addition to its simplicity, something that characterizes - it is his freestyle

He paints only when he feels like to do so, unlike several artists who feel the pressure of producing a large number of pieces in a short time.

Björn is at his pace and calmly, which is undoubtedly reflected and transmitted in each one of his works.

Richard Hoag

"I am a Swedish / American / Mexican abstract impressionist/expressionist painter. I live since 2018 in Queretaro, Mexico. Earlier I sold my original art as well as my Limited Edition prints at galleries in Sweden and then later all over the USA. Here I have chosen to display my 20" Limited Edition prints. 20 "refers to the widest part of the image, the image being horizontal or vertical. The actual paper size is about 2" more around the image. The edition is limited to only 100 prints of each image. These prints have the title, my name, the number/100, and finally, my signature (as can be seen on the additional photo). Some of them have so far reached 70/100. If you are in Queretaro, you may contact me to see my prints and possible still available originals."

I offer three Limited Editions 3.5" (discontinued), 10", 20", and the ANY SIZE EDITION.
They are Limited and Priced as follows 10" - 46 - 75 USD; 20" - 100 - 95 USD - 140 USD; Any size - 50 - prices vary. Shipping extra

The SOUVENIR POSTERS have the same size of the image as the 20" Limited Edition

The currency is USD.
Free shipping to Canada, the USA & Mexico

También puede encontrar mis impresiones en Gallery Vetro en 250 E Houston Street en el centro de San Antonio, Texas.
You can also find my art at Gallery Vetro, on 250 E Houston St in Downtown San Antonio, Texas

84% of ultra-high-net-worth individuals collect art according to a 2019 Deloitte survey.

It makes sense—contemporary art prices rose 13.6% per year over the last 25 years vs. 8.9 % returns for the S&P 500. And with the total art market expected to balloon from $1.7T to $2.6T by 2026,

YOU CAN INVEST IN AN ORIGINAL OR START TO DECORATE WITH MY LIMITED EDITION PRINTS Limited Edition prints usually retain or increase their value. A high-resolution signed and numbered Limited Edition print is worth a lot more than a standard photograph poster stuck to a canvas or a print printed by a third party

Anything not clear, don't hesitate to ask.

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Björn Sjögren

artist / store owner

I am Bjorn Sjogren, a Swedish American abstract impressionist/expressionist self-taught painter - now working from my studio in Mexico. I have been showing my art all over the USA for the past 20 years. 

Collectors in all 50 states now have one or more pieces of my art.